The idea of arranging a photographic safari to South Africa first came to me back in 2016.

A friend’s son had started a photographic safari aimed specifically at photographing big cats; lions and leopards (in particular the latter which are notoriously shy and elusive).

As children the friend’s son Michael and his brother spent an awful lot of time with my children – the mothers being “best friends forever” since the age of nought!

After a couple of chat’s with Michael he arranged exclusive dates for me if I could convince 12 Kiwis to make the trip over.

Being a member of Cambridge Camera Club (Waikato) at the time I approached club members and it didn’t take too much persuasion to convince a number of them to make the trip.

Before you knew it we were winging our way to sunny South Africa and a trip that would blow us all away –

And so this site was created to persuade more people to make the trip and see Africa at it’s best with the most knowledgeable photographic guides you will ever find.

We’d love to have you along with us.

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