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My name is Lawrence, and I am a portrait artist who specializes in a variety of styled portraits that will outlive me, you and your children.

My passion for capturing eternal images stems from my experiences while working in a camera shop. We had people from all walks of life coming in with old (as in family history) and new (as in current day and age) photos that they wanted “something done with”; either enlarged, enhanced, repaired, recolored or the like.

Many of these were needed for funerals soon to take place, all were for personal reasons.

It struck me as a tragedy that despite all the photos taken in this day and age very few are of high quality and even less are ever printed.

What is the good of having an image on a memory stick or disc?

The rate at which technology is changing renders those things obsolete within a few years. Yes you may have the disc or memory stick but they deteriorate and “newer, better, faster” technology is created with old software being left behind – you won’t be able to access them.

Prints are permanent; but only as permanent as the quality of the materials used in printing them.  That’s where a professional photographer and a professional lab come into play.

I place a great deal of importance on documenting generations.

Photographic sessions with me are always fun.  I’m an outwardly relaxed kinda guy and enjoy what I do.

I look forward to helping you create the portraits you will be proud to hang up in your home.


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