Why Custom Photography?

Custom photography is art, professionalism, quality, and customer experience. It requires a level of commitment, investment in time and money, and planning from the client. There is a great deal of time involved in creating high end custom photography sessions. The luxury of great services, better choices and heirloom quality products make it a very special experience. It is all about the attention and detail for the client, and how this session can be made unique for them. Custom photography is truly not in everyone’s budget, as it is a luxury investment to splurge on from time to time. It is not an entry level cookie cutter chain experience, or the photographer down the road that charges $100 for all your photos on a CD and sending you on your way. At Cathy Kam Photography, you will receive a personalized boutique session, and a wonderful experience to brag about. In order to do this, I book a very limited number of sessions per month in order to bring you a truly customized experience, and the service you would expect and more.

You’re probably wondering “Where to from here?”

All of what we do together will be fun. And the first step is no different – let’s meet, have a coffee and cheesecake (carrot cake for me) and get to know each other.

This is a perfect opportunity to get to understand your needs better and for you to learn how my services and the range of producs I offer will meet those needs.

From here we can move to the next really exciting stage, the pre-consultation, to discuss the finer details of your upcoming session.


The excitement begins as we set out to design your specific session.

This is the most important part of the entire process. We will cover a lot of ground to plan the session and the “best girls-day-out” you will ever have.

We cover such things as wardrobe options, whether you want an indoor or outdoor look, studio or on location. Who you want to include in your images, how you want to be portrayed etc.

A recap of the products available and a discussion on your preferred range including the sizes of the various images you would want to include in your selection. For example you may have a particular wall that you want to hang a beautiful portrait on – knowing the size of the wall and the intended final image is an important part of planning.

By taking a more active roll in the creation of your heirloom products you get a much more personalised result.

It is imperative that all parties with a financial interest in your investment attend the pre-consultation so that everyone is on the same page prior to the shoot.  The last thing we want is an unhappy conclusion where you are in disagreement over finances.

The pre-consultation ends with a date for the session confirmed and booked in.  A non-refundable deposit of $275.00 will be required at this point.

Your Session

Before we even start remember … the goal is for you to have fun, be relaxed, and to enjoy the experience!

Sessions typicall run for about 3 to 31/2 hours.

We start with a quick recap or what we discussed at the pre-consultaion, the order in which you will wear the selected outfits and then I hand you over to the hair and make-up team. This will take about 45 minutes so relax and enjoy!

And then it is into the session. It will be hard work – but a lot of fun as we capture how gorgeous you look.

And book a restaurant for later.  You’re all done up looking the best you ever had and an evening out is a perfect day to end an awesome day!

And then the agonising part as you wait for me to call you in for your ..


Reveal and Ordering Session

Only the best images from your session will be selected, and each photo in your gallery will be carefully hand edited.  Your ordering session is typically scheduled within 2-3 weeks of your portrait session so you can watch your beautiful slideshow set to music, while sipping on coffee/tea and snacks. The experience only gets better as we will work together to discuss your ideas and vision for your space. I am here to assist you with the design process, and to turn your portraits into true works of art. Together, we will create different looks and displays to best decorate your empty walls with gorgeous professional canvases or framed prints. This will be a one time viewing and ordering session, where your heart will melt seeing your beautiful portraits for the first time.  The photographic art that you become invested in will no doubt increase in value and become more priceless as the years pass.

If you are excited and ready to take the next step in choosing a custom portrait experience with Cathy Kam Photography, just use the contact form to get connectedl!   I look forward to hearing from you!