Photography Masterclass Review

A Review of Photography Masterclass by Evan Sharboneau

Photography Masterclass by Evn SharboneauWebsite:
Overall Rating:  95/100
Price: US$ 77.00
Owner: Evan Sharboneau
Established: 2013

My Thoughts On The Photography Masterclass Programme

As soon as I heard Evan had released a new programme I knew I had to have it.

Evan Sharboneau is a brilliant, successful, highly rated and enthusiastic photographer with many years experience.

The Good and The Not So Good

The Good …

  • Evan Sharboneau is a master at photography – especially trick photography and special effects – and at teaching others similar skills.
  • There is an incredible amount of information in the course in the format of videos and PDF manuals.
  • The price of the program is very low for the volume of information you get.
  • Delivery is quick and easy. You will receive your product in under a minute.
  • The first part of the program entitled “The DSLR” is excellent and extremely useful for those wanting to discover more about basic DSLR photography.
  • The “Post Processing” section provides some great tips and shortcuts to mastering Light Room and Photoshop.
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.
  • Although Evan does mention his Trick Photography Course a few times he is not trying to sell you anything else on this course, a pleasant change from the normal underhanded “guru” tactics.

The Not So Good …

  • I needed to watch the videos twice as there is so much information that absorbing it all in one sitting – not so sure this is a bad thing though.
  • This programme, like Evan’s Trick Photography and Special Effects programme, has been well thought out and presented but lacks a little in editing.

Who Will This Programme Appeal To?

I think there is a bit for everyone here; if you are a new to DSLR photography then the first section of 9 videos and the 2 PDFs (hard copies of what is covered in the videos) will be very informative and useful. I particularly liked the section on “Composition Principles” (section 3).

The rest of the programme will all fall into place as you become more proficient with your camera and photography and this second section is where the “Master Class” really takes place. Semi-experienced photographers will benefit from the second portion of the programme.

Some great information is covered under the additional sections headed:

  • Equipment (which as we know changes all the time. Evan’s extensive knowledge of equipment and what lens and gear to try for a variety of shots will be a great help for those looking to buy “the right/best” lens or gear for specific photography. This information alone is worth its weight in gold.
  • Post Production. If you haven’t been doing any post production you will be amazed at what a difference a small amount of post-production can make to your photos

What You Get When You Buy “Photography Masterclass”

Section 1 – The DSLR

9 Videos:

  1. Exposure: Aperture shutter speed ad ISO
  2. Camera Modes: Program, shutter priority, aperture priority or manual plus exposure compensation.
  3. Metering Modes: Spot, matrix (multi-zone) metering and centre weighted metering.
  4. White Balance Modes: Daylight, cloudy, flash, fluorescent etc.
  5. Shooting modes: Single, continuous, remote, timer etc.
  6. Focus modes: manual focus, single-servo, continuous-servo. This section includes focus areas: auto-area AF, single area point AF, dynamic area and 3D tracking.
  7. Flash Modes: Through-the-lens, off-camera, front curtain sync, red eye reduction, rear curtain sync etc.
  8. Bringing it all together. A pretty cool section where you are shown actual images and the settings used to capture them.
  9. How to hold a DSLR and understanding histograms.

2 PDFs

  1. Video Summary
  2. Exposure chart

Section 2 – Equipment

6 Videos:

  1. DSLR bodies – from the entry level DSLRs to the top of the range professional models.
  2. Lenses.
  3. Filters.  What the various filters are designed to do.
  4. Lighting equipment. From on camera flashes to studio lighting.
  5. Light modifiers.  Umbrellas, soft boxes and diffusers.
  6. Camera Accessories.  Bags, straps, tripods etc.

PDF -Equipment guide.

Section 3 – Composition Principles

8 Videos:

  1. The Rule of Thirds.
  2. Leading lines.
  3. Symmetry, pattern, framing.
  4. Depth of field and field of view.
  5. Dynamics.
  6. Outdoor lighting conditions.
  7. Motion.
  8. Lighting principles and light set-up

2 PSD (Photoshop files)

  1. Light modifiers.
  2. Light patterns and styles.

Section 4 – Post Production

6 Videos:

  1. Software overview and Comparison.
  2. Adobe Lightroom.
  3. Adobe photoshop (video 1).
  4. Adobe photoshop (video 2).
  5. Landscape retouch.
  6. Real life before/after Photoshop examples.

Section 5

Bonus files.

A list of PDFs and PSDs that come with the course.

My Final Opinion on Photography Masterclass

A course that covers a lot of material in a well presented, easy to follow and professional way.

I would like to have seen the course cover just a little bit more on basic photography for the beginner/newbie striving to master photography.

However that is a small criticism of a great product.

My Recommendation

In two words: Get It!

You won’t regret it.

Photography Masterclass” will save you a lot of time that you might otherwise spend in trial and error experimentation – and even then it is unlikely you would get to the same level that Evan Sharboneau gets you to in this course

I think the program is definitely worth the money whether you are a newbie or a more experienced photographer struggling to get your photography to the next level.


Visit the Official Photography Masterclass Website 


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